Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hello crisp mornings and falling leaves,

Okay, so maybe this image is a tad late but if I'm going to be honest, I totally forgot I had even created this image, oops :S

Autumn is my favourite time of year and the one thing I cannot wait for is Halloween. The taste of spices and sugar to the ritual of dressing up in costume to scare everyone in your hometown! I plan on going all out this year (I'm actually going to try putting contact lenses in my eyeballs!) Hopefully I can do a shoot or get a few photos at least of my costume so I can upload and stuff so fingers crossed xD

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good summer at least? Now it's gone I've reflected back on what I did during my summer time and I don't have a lot to say for it so I'm going to make sure that I spend all this year making up for it. It's a shame to put so many beautiful days to waste. I'm spending my time at the moment working on my sketchbook for my Art & Design course which I will be able to (hopefully) upload some of my illustrations into my gallery as well as the images a capture for my subject. I'm concentrating on fictional characters, which basically sums up everything I've ever done anyway, and I'm going to sketch existing characters as well as create my own. I already have loads of ideas in my head and I can't wait to pursue them! I'm even making my own costumes for the images! I've never done that before!

Anyway, to end this (already too long..) post, I'll leave you with the link to one of my most favourite and most influential fine art photographers, which will give you an insight into what I'm hoping to create. She's honestly amazing!

Her diary entry for one of my favourite images where she talks about how she came up with the idea/created everything:


Monday, 9 September 2013

Woodland Fauna;

On the 7th of this month, basically the Saturday just gone, I did a little, spontaneous shoot with my best friend Martha who kindly modelled in the dirty woodland with no shoes on. This explains why she is my favourite person to work with as well as her amazing input of ideas!

Dressed in white with her new, gorgeous, silky-smooth wig, she looked completely stunning against the earthy colours and under the sun rays. I really enjoyed this shoot and I think it's my favourite one yet! I did take some photos on my Olympus film camera which didn't last long considering I used up all my film very quickly but they are still to be developed and scanned.

As soon as we got to our first location she was straight in there with no shoes on, stood in the dirt, climbing up rocks and posing for her shots. The location was stunning to say it was just a local, washed-up park. 

During the editing process I experimented with the colours so much that if I liked more than one I couldn't choose between them! So apologies if repeating the same image annoys anyone but anyone with a good eye can see they're not very similar.

SUN FLARE! I LOVE ITAgain, like most of the shoots I do, I found a spot that abled me to catch some beautiful lens flare. I don't know what makes me love it so much... 

This spot was really beautiful and I think it complimented everything about Martha image that day. It makes the images very feminine which I love so much! 

Thank you Martha for helping me get these images and thank you to anyone who took the time to have a glance.


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Adventures in Newmillerdam.

Yesterday me and my lovely boyfriend decided to take a trip out to a local country park and take some photos. It had been a long time since I last visited the beautiful place and the first time for my boyfriend. It's surrounded by a quiet little village filled with quirky pubs and gorgeous homes, not to mention there were two ice cream men at the entrance of the park!
Myself and Luke prepared our cameras and ventured through the park capturing anything and everything using each others lenses and experimenting with our macro filters. We used different techniques such as off lens shooting which complimented the light shining through the leaves of the tress which was rather beautiful. The trees were incredible and made us feel like little insects lost in forest which filled the day with adventure. We wandered through the trees avoiding the paths laid out for us and journeying to find an old bridge I remember being there when I last went - We never found it. Not finding the bridge wasn't unfortunate as we've planned many more visits here in the different seasons ahead and by these pictures you'll see why.

 I'm completely facinated by moss. I've no idea why, I just think it's pretty.

 I don't know how to put it into words but I think most photographers admire the rays of light that can be caught in an image. I found a spot that I never wanted to move from. Every now and then the sun would shine brightly through the trees and produce these gorgeous reflections through my lens. I guess this is why  love nature, it's full of little surprises. 

 And of course, who doesn't have fun when they go out? I spent most of the day hanging out with the local birds. We're close pals now as we greet each other with happy brofists.

My boyfriends pride and joy. His wide angle fisheye that he used for most of the day.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Baby Morgan.

My dear cousins girlfriend gave birth on Monday and we now have a new addition to the family.
Weighing 8 pound, 1 ounce and looking completely adorable I decided to introduce him on my blog.

 I had a go at holding him and he was really light and calm about it. He just laid there and stared me for a while and he's got gorgeous blue eyes. He fell asleep on me for a good 20 minutes, twitching every now and again, making adorable noise but never once cried. He was beautiful.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Daydream Away...

In a spur of a moment she took her pink, handmade crown, cut rigidly and fixed together with sticky tape and placed it on her head, running out of the door into the green, summery outdoors. 
The adventure began here:

Yesterday I had a spur of the moment idea to go make a crown and do a shoot with it. Of course I got my sister to be my lovely model to wear the pretty pink crown, in a pretty dress amongst some pretty trees and flowers. The sun was out. I got burnt. Most of the images didn't come out the way I wanted. All in all, it was a fun day and the images I did like and my sister didn't look derpy in look pretty which makes me happy. 


Friday, 26 July 2013

A messy blog post about what my blog is going to contain;

Hello there! So as explained my blog is going to contain my photography work and I couldn't upload any before because I had no watermark BUT NOW I DO!

So this is just a clump of my work that I've done at college or in my own time. 
Enjoy ^_^ 

 This was my first ever photoshoot! Me and my bestfriend thought it would be fun doing an Alice In Wonderland inspired shoot in the woods near where I live. I decided it would be cool to base it around a darker concept of Alice.

In my final photography unit 'Poetry & Literature' came these three images. The top image was a test shoot based on different ways to create soft focus for for this image in particular I used a technique where you don't have your lens fully attached to the body of your camera. The bottom two images were my final images of the unit where I added textures over my soft in focus images which I then used as a book cover joined with an evil character being the back cover of the book.

These two images I used my macro filters. After doing a photography unit based around macro I kinda fell in love with the technique so I bought my own filters. The top image I had taken in my garden where I was taking advantage of a sunny day and the bottom image was using in my final for 'Landscapes'. 

The last image was inspired by my photography unit that I used textures in.  I just used the technique on a random image I had taken on a day out and I rather liked the result. It reminds me of a sun-bleached painting or image that's been hung up for a long time.

Hopefully from now on I shall be uploading more images of days out, personal life and random shoots I do in the future. 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Getting started!

So, I gave in and decided to create a blog. I figured it was the best idea to do to talk about my photography and my progress as well as document my life through it. Right now it's a hobby that I hope will bring me a happy, fulfilling career. 

I will start posting once I get a watermark sorted. 
Until then x